Art Museums in Southfield, MI

Do you fancy art? If so, Southfield, MI, is a perfect destination. It is home to many art museums, offering a calming and engaging environment where you can learn various experiences with the arts. Some of the must-visit art museums include: More can be found here.

Park West Museum

Park West Museum is home to the Park West Gallery, which brings art to everyone. You can explore artwork from popular artists, including Francisco Goya, Marcel Mouly, Pablo Picasso, and more. The museum offers free entry to the public and is open throughout the week, so you have no excuse to miss out on paying a visit here. Information about Best Hotels to Stay While in Southfield, MI can be found here.

Umoja Fine Arts Gallery

Umoja Fine Arts Gallery has been operating for 26 years. Here, you’ll find art that expresses who you are. The museum strives to give an individualized experience to every visitor.

Southfield Historical Museum

Southfield Historical museum tells the city’s story from pre-contact to the late 20th century. It features exhibits and art collections that help you understand different cultures and how the city developed. Visitors can contact the museum beforehand for pricing, hours, and directions.

Every art museum in Southfield, MI, has a story to tell. So, strive to visit every museum for a great learning experience.