5 Common Truck Accident Injuries

truck accidentsCommon Injuries Resulting From Truck Accidents

Thousands of Americans are killed and tens of thousands injured every year in accidents involving large trucks. Although big rigs have lower accident rates than passenger cars, their crashes can be particularly serious. The victims of truck crashes will probably require financial compensation, but they will also need the services of a Southfield accident attorney to ensure their fair treatment under Michigan law. The law firm of Wigod & Falzon can help victims obtain damages in cases of truck-related injuries, the most common of which include the following:

1) Lacerations
The occupants of automobiles involved in collisions with trucks may be thrown against sharp or shredded objects that are either inside or outside the vehicle, resulting in serious lacerations. Deep cuts that cause severe bleeding require immediate medical attention. Deep lacerations to the body, especially the face, may require cosmetic surgery or result in permanent scars.

2) Broken Bones
The weight of a truck can increase the violence of an accident, resulting in broken fingers, arms, legs and bones in the face. The crushing forces associated with truck accidents can also cause rib injuries.

3) Back and Neck Injuries
These can result from crash forces or the flailing of the occupants within the vehicle. The injuries can cause everything from localized pain to disabilities that hinder the ability of the victim to participate in normal activities.

4) Spinal Cord Injuries
An extension of a back injury is a traumatic event that can leave the victim paralyzed. However, such injuries may not be initially obvious and, if suspected, require the immediate attention of a medical specialist.

5) Head Trauma
Injuries to the brain can be caused by a sudden impact or from a rapid deceleration that may not result in an external wound. In the long term, brain trauma can greatly affect both the thought processes and the physical abilities of the victim.

Legal Help for the Victims of Truck Accidents
Michigan truck accident lawyers can help victims obtain damages to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages and the other effects of the crash. Family members can also seek damages to compensate for their personal grief. Victims and their families can find the help they need from the law firm of Wigod & Falzon.