Are You Ready for the New Emergency Vehicle Passing Law?

emergency vehicle

According to the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, each year in the US an average of six to eight EMS and fire rescue workers are killed alongside roadways and highways. Police officers lose 10 to 12 fellow patrolmen. Not all victims are public servants. Fifty tow truck operators are killed in this country annually from careless motorists. 

In November 2018, Governor Rick Snyder signed in a new, stricter version of the state’s Move Over Law that was in effect as state law in February 2019. Rather than leave the perception of go slowly when passing to individual motorists, the new law defines the rate of slowing as 10 mph below the posted speed limit. To bring more pressure to drivers seeking to skirt this law, a fine of $400 will accompany a ticket for this offense.

Wigod & Falzon, Southfield MI car accident lawyers, are warning their clients to be aware of these changes and drive accordingly. Drivers must slow down at least 10 mph lower than the posted speed limit. In addition, they must give an entire lane, if possible, to any vehicle flashing red or yellow lights. Ignoring these new laws will put a driver in danger of receiving an expensive ticket. 

In addition to the legal aspects of these violations, no motorist wants to injure or kill a fireman, police officer, or an Emergency Medical Technician. These are valuable members of our communities and perform vital services for all of us. Their well-being and their lives are worth far more to us than saving a couple of minutes in traffic.

If you have already been ticketed because of the new Move Over Law and are seeking legal options from Southfield MI car accident lawyers, the Wigod & Falzon firm will try our best to find a reasonable outcome for your situation.