Assigned Claims Cases

Are you having problems processing your No-Fault PIP benefit claim because you have to deal with the bureaucracy of the State and the Assigned Claims Facility? The attorneys and staff at Wigod & Falzon, P.C. have been dealing with the Assigned Claims Facility for many years. At our law firm, we have an intake department that is highly specialized in dealing with Assigned Claims.

Due to the changes in the Michigan No-Fault Law, more cases are headed to the Assigned Claims Facility than ever before. Their five-page application is highly confusing and unfair to the typical person or uninformed Michigan consumer.


IF YOU ARE AN INJURED PERSON who has to deal with Assigned Claims and do not know where to turn, CALL US! We can guide you through their bureaucracy and their confusing process, and we know the best and quickest path to get you your Michigan No-Fault Benefits.

IF YOU ARE A LAW FIRM who does not want to involve yourself with Assigned Claims Plaintiffs, feel free to refer them to our office for the standard referral fee.