Bit By A Dog On Another’s Private Property: What Are Your Rights?


Unfortunately, while visiting a friend or walking through someone else’s property, a dog bite can occur. Therefore, when this happens to you in Michigan, you should know your rights under the dogbite law, as well as where to turn for legal assistance and compensation. Also, keep in mind that if your injury occurs due to being knocked down by a dog, Michigan’s dogbite law does not apply. Therefore, only a dog bite victim can reach out to Southfield dog bite attorneys within a specific time frame.

Even if the dog owner claims that the dog never bit anyone before, Southfield personal injury attorneys, Wigod & Falzon, can help with compensation for dog bite injuries. The reason why the owner is still liable is due to Michigan’s strict liability rule for dog bite cases. However, when the injury is due to a dog knocking you down, this case falls under Michigan’s negligence rule and cannot be considered a dog bite case.

Additionally, the dog owner is liable if the injury from a dog bite happens while you are legally on the owner’s property. For instance, you were not invited as a guest but are there to take personal care of the owner or to work for the owner on that property. Also, the owner is liable if you, the uninvited victim, do not tease the dog or do not commit a crime. You must also realize that from the time you are bitten, you have three years to file a lawsuit. 

If you are a victim of a dog bite in Michigan, and you were invited to or have legal rights to be on the dog owner’s property, then you can contact Wigod & Falzon, Southfield dog bite attorneys, to receive assistance with compensation, and to do so within three years from the time of the bite[.