Car Technology: Aide or Distraction?

car technologyHow is Technology Beneficial?
Technology has changed the way that we drive. Many people use GPS while they are driving. GPS can make it easy for drivers to get to where they need to go. People can also call, text and use social media while they are driving.

Dangers of Using Technology While You Are Driving
While technology can make your driving experience better, it can also make driving more dangerous. According to the American Automobile Association, people are spending more time looking at technology and less time looking at the road. Several studies have shown that technology can be a distraction. This problem will likely continue because new technology is coming out every day.

There was a study that examined the infotainment systems in trucks and cars. The results of the study showed that 23 out of 30 of the infotainment systems required a high level of attention. If a person is distracted for two seconds, then they can easily get into a car accident. It can take 40 seconds for someone to program a GPS.

Many GPS systems are operated via voice command. However, even if a device is operated via voice command, it can still be a distraction. People can still take their eyes off of the road when they use something with a voice command. This can increase the risk of accidents and endanger yourself and others. If you have been in an accident, it is always a good idea to contact the car accident attorneys in Southfield.

Furthermore, many infotainment systems are complex. Most people would prefer to have a car with the latest technology. However, 24 percent of people have stated that the technology does not work properly.

Contact Southfield Car Accident Attorneys

If a person causes a car accident because they were using technology at the time, then they can be charged with negligence. You need to hire Michigan no fault attorneys if you have been hurt in an accident that was caused by a negligent driver. Skilled attorneys can help you get compensated for your injuries.