Misdiagnosed? How to Be Compensated

medical malpractice

Mistakes in diagnosis and prognosis of medical patients is more common than many people realize. Physicians can make errors easily when their information is not accurate or diseases are similar in symptoms. What may appear as one less serious medical issue could be much worse than the original evaluation indicates. Medical diagnosis is also often performed in a teamwork atmosphere where accuracy and effective communication is absolutely necessary. People’s lives hang in the balance, and injury can occur easily when an illness is not properly evaluated. Many times, the wrong treatment regimen will be prescribed, which can be detrimental when the actual medical problem is not being addressed. Medical malpractice legal professionals understand these dilemmas for their clients, and the associates at Wigod & Falzon Southfield MI accident attorneys will work diligently for whole damage recovery.

Types of Medical Misdiagnosis

While each medical malpractice case is unique in some detail, misdiagnosis cases typically fall into one of three categories. They include:

Many times, when symptoms of illnesses are similar physicians will get a medical evaluation completely wrong, but more often they will get close to being accurate and not determine the seriousness of the injury. In other cases, treatment specialists cannot make an accurate determination at first only to realize the severity of the problem later. All three of these scenarios are malpractice, and your attorney can use all gathered information in crafting a case for equitable compensation when injuries are the result.

What Your Personal Injury Law Firm in Southfield Can Do

Your personal injury law firm in Southfield can investigate any misdiagnosis case thoroughly for all evidence that could lead to how the faulty results occurred. The fall out of ineffective treatment could easily impact the patient negatively, resulting in injury in many instances. Not only do doctors make mistakes regarding the seriousness of an injury, but many facilities can experience a breakdown in communications when information is being transferred or evaluated.

Medical malpractice cases involving misdiagnosis are always complicated and strongly defended. Michigan residents should consult with the Southfield Mi accident attorneys at Wigod & Falzon for comprehensive representation and case evaluation.