No-Fault Statutes: How They Affect Your Case

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When “no fault” auto insurance was introduced as a remedy for those injured in an accident it was supposedly to benefit the injured victim. The basics of the policies require injured parties to file claims with their own insurance company first after an accident injury. The problems with the change from a fault-based accident recovery system began to emerge when the legislatures began writing the statutes, as embedded in most state laws are restrictions regarding when an injured victim can file a lawsuit against a negligent driver. Insurance companies use this technicality to no end when individuals suffer injuries that may not qualify them for standing to sue, even when the medical bills generated by the accident injury pass the coverage maximum. The required personal injury protection, or PIP coverage, in most states is ridiculously low. This means the maximums are reached in almost every accident regardless of seriousness of injury. The accident lawyers in Southfield MI at Wigod & Falzon understand this dilemma for accident victims, and they work diligently at qualifying their clients for additional financial recovery pursuit when injured in a crash.

Insurance Company Advantage

Just as with many other legislative statutes, the wording of the law clearly benefits the insurance providers because it gives them still another technicality to defend against being required to cover accident injuries. Insurance companies exist to make a profit, and the seriousness of a claimant injury is not a consideration. All that matters is as low of a settlement as possible, and hopefully none at all. That is why it is necessary to have an aggressive attorney.

How an Injury Can Qualify for a Negligence Lawsuit

Only certain injuries can qualify a victim for standing to sue a negligent driver for additional damages beyond their own personal injury protection coverage. They are:

What this means is that all injuries associated with a negligence lawsuit must be “authorized” by the state of Michigan in order to proceed, which can make being properly compensated a difficult legal task in many instances.

Contact a Michigan No Fault Accident Attorney

Never attempt handling your own accident case in a no-fault state. Michigan residents should call Wigod & Falzon accident lawyers in Southfield MI for comprehensive representation.