Social Media and Car Accidents

social mediaIt is hard to imagine what life today would be like without social media. Social media makes it easy for us to connect to the world around us. However, no one should be using social media while they are driving. This has led to countless car accidents.

A survey done by RoadSafetyUAE showed that 74 percent of people have admitted to using cell phones while driving. Social media plays a role in approximately 10 percent of car accidents. Social media is a distraction. Any distraction that you have while you are behind the wheel will increase your chances of getting into a car accident.

Many people think that it is okay to multitask while they are driving. However, studies have shown that being distracted for a few seconds can lead to an accident. It is dangerous to multitask. For example, if you are trying to take a selfie to upload on Instagram. It takes the average person 14 seconds to take a selfie. If you are driving 62 miles per hour, then it can take you 14 seconds to come to a complete stop.

In September 2015, there were 22,067 photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag #drivingselfie. A survey done by AT&T has shown that there is a direct link between the increase in car accidents and the increase in social media usage while driving.

Thirty-nine states have taken the steps necessary for banning text messaging. However, 17 percent of people have admitted to taking selfies and other photos while they were driving.

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