When are Dog Owners not liable for Dog Bite Injuries?

dog ownerWe all know that a dog owner is responsible for their dog, but there are some instances when dog owners are clearly not liable for dog bite injuries. In these instances, it is the fault of the victim. Examples include if the victim was teasing or mistreating the dog and if the victim was trespassing on or breaking into private property.

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If the victim was teasing or mistreating the dog

Teasing or otherwise mistreating the dog (including loud and aggressive language, posturing, or hand gestures) can clearly provoke a dog into self-defense. Dogs, like people, have emotions, and understandably want to protect themselves and others. In this instance the victim does not have sufficient grounds to claim that the dog owner was liable for the injury sustained. Southfield dog bite attorneys can help protect you from an unjust lawsuit.

Dog owners have a responsibility for their dogs, especially if the dog was known to bite people without legal justification prior to the incident in question. However, if the dog did not have this kind of history, then it is clear the dog was provoked by the victim’s mistreatment.

If the victim was trespassing on your property

Sometimes landlords and property owners can be held at fault for failing to remove a volatile dog from their property. However, as with the case of a victim trespassing, the property owner is not always liable. Southfield dog bite attorneys can help you navigate this difficult issue.

The property owner or landlord will not be held liable in instances where they were not aware of the dog having a prior tendency towards biting. The property owner or landlord is also not liable when there is no clear violation of an animal control law like when and how the dog should be kept on a leash.

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