Clawson, Michigan

Located just north of downtown Detroit, just off I-75, Clawson, Michigan is considered a part of the Detroit metro area.  It was originally settled by the Potowatomi indigenous peoples.  The Potowatomi traded goods and furs with the French Canadians and the English colonists for many years. Learn information about Southfield, MI.

Clawson Historical Museum

One interesting place to visit in Clawson is the Clawson Historical Museum.  Opening with only 100 items in 1973, the museum has added so many artifacts that it now covers three floors and the basement.  The most amazing part of the museum is the collection of over 5000 historical photographs. Discover facts about Birmingham, Michigan.

Clawson Park

At 935 N. Custer in Clawson is Clawson City Park.  Clawson residents celebrate the 4th of July and Fall Festival in this park.  The park contains a football and soccer field.  There is an asphalt track around the field.  There is also a skatepark, a baseball field, and a separate softball field.

In addition, Clawson Park has tennis courts and sand volleyball courts.  There are also shuffleboard courts and playgrounds.  There is a fenced lot for the little ones and an open play area for older kids.  There are pavilions for gatherings and a short .75-mile trail for walking.