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The State of Michigan is a “No-Fault” state.  What does that mean?  When an individual is in an automobile accident in Michigan, liability does not determine whether or not that individual can receive help to get better.  Certain benefits have been included in the No-Fault law to provide aid to the injured.  That does not mean that a careless driver should not be held responsible for causing an accident.  There are two aspects to any automobile accident: No-Fault benefits and damages for bodily injury, also known as pain and suffering awards.

The idea behind the Michigan No-Fault law in terms of benefits is to help an individual who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident to be able to return to a reasonable standard of living as before the accident.  If an individual is injured, he/she can receive medical care to rehabilitate his/her body, which includes medical transportation to get back and forth to the doctors providing those rehabilitative services.  If the injuries prevent the individual from being able to work, that person can receive compensation for lost wages.  If the daily chores around the house cannot be accomplished, someone can be paid to provide household services.  If an injury is severe enough that basic hygiene cannot be maintained without assistance, an individual can be compensated for providing attendant care services.  Other benefits include home remodeling and vocational rehabilitation.


Visit the expert and caring auto accident attorney Michigan at Wigod & FalzonAlthough the legislation meant well, the practicality of the law can be difficult to manage, especially after dealing with the emotional stress of having been in a motor vehicle accident.  Even when it is determined which insurance company is held responsible, insurance companies do not always pay benefits as they should.  It is also not always possible to reach the same level of physical well-being due to the nature of the injuries.  These difficulties, among many others, can add unnecessary stress to the injured party.  The personal injury attorneys at Wigod & Falzon in Southfield, Michigan are here to help.  They know the law and how to navigate around applying the law to the benefit of the injured party.

No-Fault benefits are only one part of the equation, however.  You have been in an accident but even attempting to maintain the same standard of living leaves your life impacted forever.  A motor vehicle accident can turn your life upside down.  Activities that you used to enjoy become too painful to do.  Emotionally, physically and mentally you are put through an enormous ordeal.  Your body has been seriously impaired due to the negligence of another.  You can find justice through a third party bodily injury case, also known as a pain and suffering lawsuit.  Your life has value.  Let the auto accident attorneys at Wigod and Falzon fight for the value of a motor vehicle’s impact on your life.  Call Lawrence Falzon at 248-356-3300 for a free consultation.