General Civil Litigation

If you need to file a lawsuit and don’t know how, you may want to consult with a civil litigation attorney.

Below, we explain what a civil litigation attorney does, how they can benefit you, and next steps for pursuing a civil suit. 

What Does a General Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

A civil litigation attorney takes you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a non-criminal lawsuit. 

Similarly, an attorney can also advise you on whether your case is best suited for court, or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. Whatever it is, a skilled civil litigation attorney will fight for your best interests; not their own.

Types of Civil Law Cases

There are many types of civil litigation cases. However, here are some of the most common ones:

How Much Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Cost?

Lawyers take different approaches to how they bill and how much they charge. Many litigation attorneys charge by the hour, or may charge a contingency. 

Contingency means that you don’t need to pay anything upfront, and your lawyer will take a pre-established percentage if you win your case. If your litigation attorney takes your case on a contingency basis, you probably have a very strong case. 

At Wigod & Falzon, we generally work under a contingency-fee basis and have since 1997; as long as the Michigan statute allows it. 

What Are My Next Steps for Pursuing a Civil Lawsuit?

Many civil matters are complex and require the guidance of a skilled law firm that can negotiate and fight for their clients best interests. 

Our team of civil litigators handle cases all over the State of Michigan; from Detroit to Flint and even across the state to Grand Rapids. Call us for a free, no-commitment consultation today!