No-Fault Medical Provider Collection

If you’re a medical provider who handles automobile injury cases, it may be time to hire your own team of personal injury attorneys to make sure you get paid.

What Are Michigan No-Fault Benefits?

As you know, those who have been injured in an automobile accident are legally entitled to collect No-Fault benefits under the personal protection insurance coverage of their auto insurance policy. 

These benefits provide these valuable protections to assist in recovery:

What Are Medical Provider Rights Under This Law?

In 2017, the Michigan Supreme Court handed down a decision called Covenant Medical Center versus State Farm. This held that medical providers didn’t have the right to sue a no-fault insurer. 

However, the major no-fault overhaul in 2019 changed everything; now, medical providers have the right yet again to sue the no-fault insurance provider directly. 

These providers handling auto no-fault claims can now receive unpaid no-fault medical services in the name of their organization, instead of through an assignment of benefits from a patient. 

Bottom line: it’s no longer necessary to wait for your insurance to pay you (or take the risk of not getting paid at all), when your patient has an insurance representative that may only pay the bills they feel are important. 

Next Steps: Contact a Medical Provider Defense Lawyer Now

Under Michigan law, you have the right to retain your own attorney to represent you for your medical bill collection. 

Our experienced civil litigators have the expertise to make sure you get paid and receive your fair share of any settlement made by your patient and their attorney.

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