No-Fault Medical Provider Collection

Personal Injury Attorneys in Michigan

medical providersAre you a medical provider who handles automobile injury cases and are totally frustrated by the insurance company’s failure to pay for reasonable and customary charges? Perhaps it is time to hire your own team of personal injury attorneys in Michigan to make sure you get paid.

Michigan law now provides that any health care provider who treats a motor vehicle accident victim for their injuries is entitled to collect their bills directly from the insurance carrier who is responsible for the injured person’s no-fault benefits. It is no longer necessary to wait for your insurance to pay you or take the risk of not getting paid at all when your patient has a representative who may, unscrupulously, pay only the bills he or she feels are important. Perhaps they pay a greater portion first to those with whom they have a personal relationship with – leaving you out in the cold.

You have the right, under Michigan law to retain your own attorney to represent you for your medical bills. Wigod & Falzon has been representing medical providers for the last 20 years with great success.

Our team of personal injury attorneys in Michigan have the expertise to make sure you get paid and receive your fair share of any settlement made by your patient and their attorney.