Michigan No-Fault Law – Household Help

Did You Know, Michigan No-Fault Law Provides For Replacement Services?!

MCL. 500. 3107(1) (c) states that “expenses not exceeding $20 per day, reasonably incurred in obtaining ordinary and necessary services in lieu of those that, if he or she had not been injured, an injured person would have performed during the first 3 years after the date of the accident, not for income but for the benefit of himself or herself or of his or her dependent.”

household help

The no-fault statute provides that a person who is injured in an automobile accident may recover the sum of $20 per day to pay a person to help them perform services that they normally would perform themselves for their own benefit or that of their family. Our Southfield insurance attorneys are prepared to help you gain the compensation you deserve. This benefit, as well as the other 3 major no-fault benefits, is paid regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Some of the hallmarks to note regarding household services are as follows:

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