Southfield, MI – A Lovely Place to Visit

Southfield, Michigan, is a northern suburb of Detroit.  If you are in town to visit Detroit relatives or on a business trip, it’s worth it to drive up and see the sights. Learn more here.

Park West Gallery

Park West is the largest art collection in the world, with permanent locations in Southfield, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. This is the place to visit if you like to spend your time surrounded by beautiful art pieces. The world headquarters for Park West Gallery is located at 29469 Northwestern Highway in Southfield. Learn more about So Many Parks to Explore in Southfield, Michigan.

History of Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery, founded in 1969 by Albert Scaglione, is an outstanding art gallery. In 1995, Mr. Scaglione had a revolutionary idea to provide art auctions on international luxury cruise lines. Keep an eye out for Park West Gallery auctions on a Celebrity Cruise or Royal Caribbean International Cruises.


When you are in Southfield, you will see artwork by many famous artists, both old and new.  You can find pieces from famous names like Salvador Dali, Thomas Kinkade, Rembrandt, and Picasso, along with newer artists like Kre8, David Najar, Itzchak Tarkey, and Wyland.