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Since 1997, the attorneys of Wigod & Falzon have worked every day to protect the victims of injury accidents from the unscrupulous tactics of the insurance industry seeking at every turn to deny these accident victims their rightful benefits, settlements and judgments in compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

In today’s world of fast food, easy fixes and TV lawyers, it’s good to know that some of the old-fashioned traditions still exist. In the area of personal injury litigation nothing works better than a one-on-one relationship with an attorney and his staff, willing to give clients the time necessary to explain their problems and discuss the potential solutions.

There are now 41 employees of Wigod & Falzon that all subscribe to the same motto: “DEDICATION TO OUR CLIENTS – LOYALTY TO OUR FIRM”.

Of course, we, like every other major law firm in the metro Detroit area, pledge that there will be no fee charged to you for the work we do unless there is a recovery. But, all that comes at the end of the case, not during the early stages, the most important period when you need your questions answered, calls returned, and the fair and honest advice from the attorneys that you put your trust into. Let that attorney be one from Wigod & Falzon!

Our commitment is to give you our most valuable asset – our time. This separates us from the many law firms that want your case but afterward take the “don’t bother me now” attitude when you call with questions.

Litigation can be frightening, confusing, and life changing. The attorneys at Wigod & Falzon are committed to steering you through the morass of litigation and shepherding you to a positive and successful conclusion to your case.

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Choose our personal injury law firm and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a trusted advocate on your side.


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