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#1 Michigan Insurance AttorneysThe State of Michigan requires every owner and registrant of any vehicle on the road to carry Michigan no-fault insurance. It is required to have this kind of insurance in order to get your license plates and it is against the law to drive or to let your car be driven without no-fault insurance. This is a double edge sword. Having the proper no-fault insurance affords you many economic benefits that otherwise you would not have including full medical coverage and wage loss benefits. Not having the proper insurance could cause you to suffer catastrophic economic disaster. Here’s why:

There are 2 types of “owners” who must maintain their vehicle with no-fault insurance. Titled owners-those who actually register the vehicle as their own with the Secretary of State and statutory owners-those who have unfettered use of another person’s vehicle for at least 30 days in a calendar year. Both title owners and statutory owners are responsible to have the vehicle they use insured with Michigan no-fault insurance.

Driving a vehicle without the proper insurance in the State of Michigan is not only chargeable as a misdemeanor, but can cause catastrophic economic losses if your vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident without the required insurance. For instance, the owner of a vehicle without proper no-fault insurance may have to pay for the property loss, vehicle loss, all medical and wage loss benefits that a person in another vehicle suffers in the accident. Can you imagine being involved in a motor vehicle accident where a person suffers $1 million in medical losses? This would become your responsibility and your failure to pay this back to the proper insurance company could result in your loss of your own drivers license.

Protect yourself. Purchase the required no-fault insurance and you will be immune from such losses. Wigod & Falzon will assist you in determining whether or not you have the proper insurance on your vehicle free of charge – even if you are not a client at the present time. Call or email the firm and we will arrange to review your insurance policy and advise you if you have the proper coverage or not.

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