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Looking for a slip and fall accident attorney? Under Michigan law, all property owners have a duty to maintain their property so that their visitors are safe while on the premises.

The property owner must post warning signs to identify hazards in a dangerous situation. If the property owner fails to maintain their property adequately or doesn’t provide ample warning, they can and should be held financially accountable after an accident.

If you’re the victim of a negligent slip and fall accident, contact the experienced slip and fall accident attorneys of Wigod & Falzon to understand your legal rights and options.

Understanding Michigan Premises Liability Law

Michigan law holds property owners liable for accidents that happen on their property. However, property owners have different standards of care to meet depending on the type of visitor.

State law defines three types of visitors: invitees, licensees, and trespassers.

  • Invitees have the highest standard of care owed to them. These visitors are customers or clients who have commercial business at the property. This includes grocery stores, local businesses, and big box retailers. Property owners are responsible for dangerous conditions that they should know about and have a responsibility to post signs about dangerous conditions.
  • Licensees are social guests of the property owner, such as friends and family. Property owners have a slightly lower standard of care for licensees. Property owners should fix hazardous areas that they are aware of and warn guests about dangerous conditions.
  • Trespassers are uninvited guests who have no legal right to be on the property. Property owners cannot intentionally harm trespassers, but that’s the only standard of care necessary. In most cases, if someone is injured while trespassing, the property owner is not liable for the injuries sustained. However, there are certain exceptions, especially when children are involved.
Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries

Several hazardous conditions can result in a person falling. At Wigod & Falzon, we can help you recover compensation for a variety of slip and fall injuries, such as:

  • Broken or unrepaired stairs
  • Wet, slippery floors
  • Unstable or broken railings
  • Loose rugs
  • Icy storefront sidewalks
  • Uneven floors
  • Dangerous workplaces and construction sites

Under Michigan’s premises liability law, property owners have a legal duty to warn visitors about hazardous conditions. This can be seen in the form of a “wet floor” sign, or a “watch your step” sign.

Do I Need a Michigan Slip and Fall Accident Attorney?

If you were injured due to the negligence of another person or business, you might be able to obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney at Wigod & Falzon can help you understand your legal rights and options. We give you an honest assessment of your case and identify the best course of action to pursue.

Additionally, we handle cases all over the State of Michigan, from Detroit to Flint and even across the state to Grand Rapids. There are no fees to start your case, and we only get paid when you receive your settlement check.

Let the experienced attorneys of Wigod & Falzon fight for your rights. Reach out to us for a free, no commitment.


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