Michigan Distracted Driving Laws

Legal Help for the Victims of Distracted Drivers

Michigan Distracted Driving Laws

Distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic accidents in Michigan and elsewhere in the United States. The victims of distracted drivers may consider taking legal action against those deemed responsible, but they will need the services of Southfield car accident attorneys to have any chance for a successful lawsuit. Wigod & Falzon litigation attorneys provide this type of legal assistance.

The Threats Posed by Distracted Drivers

Distractions can affect drivers in different ways, from taking their eyes off the road to removing their hands from the steering wheel. Cognitive distractions can affect the reasoning ability of drivers to the point that they fail to see potential threats and thus fail to avoid crashes. These are some common forms of driver distraction:

•Eating or drinking
•Adjusting the radio
•Conversing with passengers

Michigan prohibits texting while driving, with first-time violators facing a fine of $100. However, different forms of driver distraction continue to occur, often resulting in accidents. Southfield accident attorneys are prepared to provide help to those who have suffered from any type of driver distraction.

The Laws in Michigan
The state requires motorists to carry an adequate amount of insurance. Under Michigan’s no fault system, this insurance will cover a motorist’s own damages, including medical expenses and related costs. However, the coverage may not always be sufficient to cover the damages inflicted, which is why victims will need the services available from Michigan no fault attorneys. A lawyer can help victims navigate through the obstacles that are often encountered when filing a lawsuit. Southfield car accident attorneys can also help the families of those killed pursue wrongful death lawsuits. It is for these and other reasons why traffic accident victims and their families should consider a consultation with the law firm of Wigod & Falzon.