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If you have suffered injuries as a result of a car accident in Flint, Michigan, then you are likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what your next steps should be. An experienced and compassionate Flint car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon can fully evaluate your damages. They can then help you work toward getting the compensation to which you are entitled for both economic and non-economic damages.

The devoted and skilled personal injury legal team at Wigod & Falzon has collective decades of experience fighting for truck accident victims like you. We can work through the complex claim and subsequent legal processes, pushing for an optimal settlement.

Our firm employs a client-centered approach, in which we first work to understand your case details, needs, and ideal settlement outcome. That way, we can work together to develop and implement a strategy that can achieve the most compensation possible for your car accident damages.

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Flint Do?

If you have fallen victim to a car accident in Flint, then you are likely wondering how you can leverage the services of a legal representative to assist you. From providing sound legal advice to representing clients in the courtroom, a car accident lawyer carries out a myriad of tasks and holds various responsibilities. A car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon may engage in the following activities during a case:

  • Providing a Nonjudgmental Space: Getting into a car accident is extremely difficult, as it can result in long-term or temporary mental and physical challenges. A lawyer from our law firm can provide a compassionate space for you to voice your opinion on what happened and express any grief or pain that you might be feeling as a result. We can then work to understand the details of your case so that we can help you in an optimal manner.
  • Evaluating Your Case: As Michigan is a no-fault state for car accidents, you may not be able to sue the at-fault party unless certain conditions are met. A devoted attorney from our firm can consider all the details of your case, in addition to your desired case outcomes, to give you thoughtful and comprehensive legal counsel on which steps you can take to be
  • Valuing Your Losses: An attorney from our law firm can go through all your losses and damages, including economic and non-economic damages. We can analyze them to determine the final amount that you should be entitled to after your accident. This settlement amount can take into account not only past and present expenses associated with crash damages but future expenses as well, such as those for ongoing care.
  • Collecting Evidence: Based on your story, a personal injury accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon can work to collect key evidence to back your claims of what happened, including photos and videos of the crash site, manufacturing and design information about your vehicle, blood or breath tests from the other driver, maintenance records of involved infrastructure, and eyewitness testimony.
  • Recreating the Accident: An attorney from our firm can work with other experts, such as physicists and engineers, to reconstruct what happened at the scene of the accident. They can look at skid marks and analyze other clear evidence to determine the actions that the other parties must have taken, which can prove their fault.
  • Filing a Claim: In Michigan, it is required that all drivers have a certain amount of no-fault insurance coverage, meaning that they can receive coverage despite their liability for the accident. A detail-oriented legal representative can assist you with filing out and submitting the necessary paperwork to file a claim.
  • Negotiating With Insurance Companies: After submitting your claim to your insurance company, your attorney can negotiate with them to ensure that you receive optimal coverage. In cases where the insurance company of the at-fault party is involved, a car accident lawyer from our team can optimize their negotiation strategies to get you the coverage you are entitled to.
  • Navigating Legal Processes: If you decide to pursue litigation, a dedicated and skilled attorney can inform you in advance about the steps of your legal process, helping prepare you for pertinent deadlines. They can walk you through the bureaucratic details of various processes, including hearings, appeals, and trials.
  • Representing You in Court: If your personal injury case goes to trial, a car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon can present all the key evidence, including eyewitness statements and sound legal arguments, to fight for the compensation that you are entitled to.
  • Appealing the Decision: If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your trial, an attorney from our firm can help you explore options to appeal the decision.

A Flint car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon is here to walk you through the overwhelming and stressful claims process, providing the legal support you need to fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

Our legal team is here to evaluate your case details, listen to your desired case outcomes, and help pursue an avenue that works for you. Together, we can simplify and ease the process of pursuing the compensation you need after suffering severe injuries from a car accident in Flint.

How Does State Car Accident Law Apply to My Case?

The ways that Michigan car accident laws may apply to your case will vary based on different factors, including the:

  • Severity and nature of your accident
  • Resulting damages and injuries
  • Parties that were involved in the incident
  • Parties who were at fault for the accident

A devoted Flint car accident lawyer can help you better understand how state and local laws may apply to your car accident situation.

Michigan is a no-fault car accident state, meaning that you will first likely need to file a car accident claim with your required no-fault insurance policy. It is required for all drivers to have a no-fault insurance policy that covers up to a certain amount of injury expenses. After a car accident, if you have suffered injuries, you are entitled to file a claim with your insurance company, regardless of whether you were liable for the accident or not.

Can I Sue Someone in Michigan for a Car Accident?

In certain cases, you may be able to bring a claim against the liable driver, including if you were seriously disfigured as a result of the accident. Even if you were partially at fault for the car accident that caused your injuries, you can still get compensation for your injuries and other subsequent damages.

For example, if you are found by the court to be 30% liable for the car accident, with the other party being 70% liable, then you will be entitled to 70% of the amount of damages suffered by you as a result of the car accident.

It’s critical to work with a dedicated and experienced attorney who can adequately prove that the other party or parties were liable for your accident. They can do so by using strong legal arguments with supporting evidence, such as photos, videos, and call logs.

In accident cases in which you cannot prove that the other party was more than 50 percent liable, you will not be eligible to recover any non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. To qualify for filing a claim, you will need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The car accident occurred outside of the state of Michigan.
  • The at-fault driver is not residing in Michigan.
  • The at-fault driver does not have an insurance policy in the state of Michigan.
  • The car accident led to serious disfigurementor death.
  • The car crash resulted in severe impairments to bodily functions.
  • The claim you are filing is attempting to sue for car property damage that does not exceed $3,000, which is not covered by your insurance, and the other driver is more than 50 percent liable for the accident.

If one or more of the above criteria apply to your case, then you are eligible to pursue compensation after your car accident through a personal property claim or a third-party insurance claim. In such instances, you can be entitled to recover a variety of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, disability, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

By filing a claim in Michigan, you could potentially get certain damages covered. The required no-fault insurance is not mandated by state law to cover property damage in accidents that involve two moving vehicles, and it additionally does not cover non-economic damages.

By working with a skilled Flint car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon to build your case, you can pursue legal action to help you pursue further compensation than what is covered by a basic no-fault insurance plan.

How Are Car Accidents in Flint Commonly Caused?

In a car accident, there may be only one driver involved, and they can hit a non-moving object, such as a parked car or a wall. There can also be multiple moving vehicles involved, and other parties may include motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Car accidents in which multiple drivers are involved tend to be the most dangerous and can lead to more severe injuries. Car accidents are generally caused by the following in Flint and other areas of the United States:

  • Distracted Driving: Across the United States, distracted driving continues to be the main cause of car accidents. Drivers who are engaged in another action while driving, such as eating, applying makeup, talking with passengers, gazing at a distraction in the road, looking up directions, or changing the radio, are considered to be distracted. Distracted drivers tend to get into accidents, as they are less aware of other cars and objects on the road.
  • Driving Under the Influence: In Michigan, a person who is driving under the influence of drugs or with a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, greater than 0.08% is under the influence. Driving under the influence is illegal, as it poses serious risks to other people on the roads. Even driving after taking prescription drugs can be illegal, as it can lower a driver’s awareness, ultimately impacting their cognitive and motor skills.
  • Reckless Driving: Reckless behavior while driving can seriously endanger other people on the road by increasing the likelihood of a severe crash. Behavior such as speeding, unnecessary lane switching, or weaving and cutting other people off can result in crashes ranging from minor fender benders to severe head-on collisions.
  • Failure to Follow Traffic Signals: If a driver does not adequately follow traffic signals, they can increase the risk of a car accident happening. A failure to come to a full stop at stop signs, give the right of way when appropriate at an intersection, or obey a certain traffic signal can result in a serious accident.
  • Poor Driving Conditions: Poor weather, such as rain, hail, sleet, or snow, can cause cars to skid or slide and drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Furthermore, conditions in which there are many cars on the road but low visibility or light can increase the chances of a car accident.

Faulty infrastructure, such as potholes or other issues with the roads, can also cause accidents. In such cases, the government or another organization may be held liable for not maintaining certain infrastructure.

  • Equipment Failure: In certain cases, a car crash can be caused by equipment failure, such as faulty brakes or a blown-out tire. In such instances, the engineer or manufacturer may be held liable for the car accident. If it was the fault of a repair shop, they can be held accountable as well.

By leveraging defensive driving skills, such as checking for blind spots and using turn signals adequately, people on the road in Flint can work to avoid getting into a car accident. However, car accidents may not be avoidable, as certain external factors are uncontrollable.

If you have been in a Flint car accident, there may be more than one party responsible for your crash, depending on the circumstances. A dedicated and skilled car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon can analyze your case details, determine the at-fault parties, and pursue the compensation you are entitled to. They can collect evidence to back your story and hold other parties accountable for their negligent or reckless behavior.

What Should I Do After a Flint Car Accident?

To stay safe and avoid negative repercussions after a car accident, it is critical for drivers in Flint and the surrounding areas to be aware of key steps to take in the direct aftermath of a car crash. Every car accident is different and involves unique factors, such as the parties involved and the severity and extent of the physical injuries and property damage. However, there are certain general steps that can be followed after a car crash, including:

  • Getting to Safety: Immediately after a crash, it is pertinent to get to a place where you are no longer in imminent danger. If it is possible, pull your car over to the side of the road and out of the way of traffic. Make sure that you are far removed from fires or a situation where there could potentially be an explosion.
  • Checking for Severe Injuries: Make sure that you do not have any life-threatening injuries, such as severe and persistent bleeding. Check that the people around you are not suffering from any injuries that could potentially be life-threatening as well.
  • Calling 911: Call 911 as soon as you are out of immediate danger. Indicate the location of the crash scene and specify whether there are any severe injuries, a fire, or the potential threat of a fire. In the case of severe or deadly injuries, they will dispatch paramedics.
  • Complying With Law Enforcement: You will be required to give your name, driver’s license, car registration, and proof of insurance. You will need to comply with officers when they request this information. Furthermore, you may provide information about what happened during the crash, and the officer on duty may or may not include those details in your crash report. Ask for a copy of the accident report to use for later evidence.
  • Exchanging Contact Information: It’s critical to get the contact information of the parties involved in your crash, including their driver’s license and insurance contact information. Be sure to collect the contact information of eyewitnesses as well, as they may be willing to testify on your behalf later to prove that you were not liable for the crash.
  • Collecting Initial Evidence: If possible, take detailed photos and videos of the crash scene showing all resulting damages from the crash. Also, take photos of injuries right away if you or others have sustained any physical injuries. Take note of where and when the crash happened, along with the details of what happened before, during, and after the incident.
  • Seeing a Medical Professional: Even if you believe that you did not sustain any serious injuries as a result of your car crash, it is crucial to seek medical attention. A medical doctor can ensure that you do not have any underlying conditions.

They can also keep monitoring you to make sure that nothing develops. If you do have an injury or condition as a result of the crash, they can help document this for you, which will be required by insurance companies when filing a claim.

The sooner you can get in contact with a car accident lawyer after your crash, the better chances you have of getting an optimal settlement amount. If youcontact a lawyer directly after your crash, they can be there to provide pertinent legal advice to protect you and your rights.

They can also collect the key evidence needed to support your case while it is still fresh. Your attorney can then advise you on what information to disclose so that you can avoid implying liability for the car accident.

How Much Does a Flint Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

The amount that a car accident lawyer working in Flint may charge for their services depends on varying factors, including the:

  • Type of support needed
  • Case details
  • Extent and severity of both non-economic and economic damages
  • Amount of evidence available
  • Willingness of the parties involved, such as insurance companies, to collaborate

While car accident lawyers in the area may charge an hourly rate or a lump-sum fee upfront, they most commonly charge a contingency fee for their services.

A contingency fee is an upfront agreed-upon percentage of a final awarded settlement. It can only be awarded to the attorney if they win your case. If you do not win a settlement amount, then your attorney will not be compensated for their services, meaning that they likely have high confidence that you will win if they take on your case.

A Flint car accident settlement can include coverage for a variety of costs, ranging from hospital bills to expenses associated with long-term disability. The more you win in your settlement, the greater the amount that your attorney will be awarded proportionally.

Get Critical Legal Support From a Flint Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Flint and the surrounding areas can result in serious injuries, such as traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, along with lost wages and benefits from being out of work. If you have suffered injuries from a car accident, then you are likely in need of financial compensation to make up for the costs you have sustained as a result.

Whether these costs involve money for extensive hospital bills and lost wages or non-economic compensation for pain and suffering, a car accident lawyer from Wigod & Falzon can work closely with you to help you get the support you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out for our assistance during this difficult time. Contact a Flint car accident lawyer from our team to discuss your case today.


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